Success Stories | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Success Stories

The Brady Center and Campaign work to prevent gun violence by changing culture, changing laws, and changing the gun industry. We have brought and supported lawsuits that have forced the gun industry to change the way it does business, and led or assisted in cases to strike down dangerous gun laws, as well as efforts to defend laws that keep our communities safe.

Success story
Chicago Police Officer Thomas Wortham was shot and killed by gang members with a trafficked gun supplied by a Mississippi dealer. The Brady Center’s lawsuit for Wortham’s family led to a settlement in which the dealer agreed to reform its practices.
Success story

A playmate shot and killed Nafis Jefferson, 7, with a gun sold to a trafficker, then ditched by a drug dealer on the street. The Brady Center’s lawsuit for Nafis’ mother held accountable the gun dealer who supplied and profited from the trafficker.